Why, hello there.

I’m Rachel Mersky. I am a designer, filmmaker, and digital nomad based out of Brooklyn, NY. I’m interested in interactive design, transmedia storytelling, and thinking outside the box to solve problems creatively. I learned my chops at SVA and Barnard College in New York and The Film and TV School at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU).

If you would like a more detailed PDF of my current work, if you’d like to work with me, or if you’d just like to say hi, please feel free to contact me!
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Writer, Director, Animator

‘Spooked' is an animated short steeped in traditional summer camp ghost stories. In my first attempt at hand-drawn animation, nervous camper Taryn finds herself haunted by a group of folk legend ghosts and ghouls. She tries to tell her fellow campers, but no one will believe her... yet. Click to view more images Or Click to view teaser!


Demo Reel

Writer, Director, Editor

A selection of film & video work. Click to Watch. Updated reel coming soon.


Ai Weiwei’s Fairytale Project

Front-End Development, Design

In 2007, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei initiated "Fairytale," in which 1001 Mainland Chinese People were invited to Kassel, Germany to participate in Documenta 12, a European visual art exhibition. In 2011, Ai Weiwei, curator Melissa Lam, and Aaron Levy of Slought Foundation, began collaborating on a research project revisiting Fairytale. I was contacted to refine their database and develop the interface for users to explore the data, and to encourage people to contribute their efforts to the translation project. Click to visit project.

Me of Three

Author, Illustrator, Developer

Me of Three is a web-based interactive short story I created utilizing animated illustrations, voice acting, and HTML/Jquery. Click to experience! (Only works in Chrome)


UsTrendy Website

Lead Designer

Founded in 2008, UsTrendy offers one-of-a-kind fashions from all over the world sold from independent fashion designers. Emerging designers can open up an UsTrendy shop, and customers or “fans” are encouraged to vote and share their favorites. I worked directly with the founder to develop a visual style using style tiles, and designed UsTrendy a fully responsive ecommerce site with a youthful and fun aesthetic and intuitive interface that will increase conversions.
* Winner of 2014 Interactive Media Award in Fashion/Style and Retail
Click to view website!


ItBit Video

Motion Graphics

itBit is elevating bitcoin trading to meet the high regulatory, service and security standards set by leading financial institutions. I designed and animated the motion graphics for their explainer video, directed by Daniel Ferrara. Click to watch the video!

ItBit Motion Graphics

Jomashop Website

Lead Designer

Jomashop has been in the wholesale and retail trade of luxury goods such as watches, fine writing instruments, handbags, luxury crystal since 1987 in New York City. I presented Jomashop with three distinct visual systems aimed at establishing brand recognition and credibility. The selected responsive design conveys a clean professionalism while emphasizing the competitive discounted prices Jomashop offers to its customers. Click to view website!


The Game

Writer, Director, Editor, Animator

The Game is a short film created while a student at School of Visual Arts' MFA Visual Narrative program. The assignment was to tell a 5-minute story involving a character we have created and a randomly assigned prop (here, a red robot) in black & white, and one color. Click to view screenshots.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.36.23 PM

Victor Vector


Victor Vector is a character I created in my first semester at School of Visual Arts' MFA Visual Narrative program. I built his world from cut paper and light. Click to see Victor's Dream triptych.

Mixplace Studio

Front-End Development, Design

Mixplace Studio is an educational program focused on gathering and sharing knowledge in West Philadelphia organized by Aaron Levy of Slought. Their goal is to produce tools that enable relationships across neighborhoods and institutions. I designed their site structure to be easy to use for people from all ages, backgrounds and computer literacy. Click to visit.


Royalton Farms

Designer, Front-end Developer

Royalton Farms is a new luxury equestrian estate in Mattituck, NY. They are looking to expand over the next few years, and want a website that will be able to expand with them. I created a rich and luxurious landing page to hold them over while they work on developing content to encourage people to contact them for information on the project as it grows. Click to visit their landing page.


No One Knows Trailer


The Smiths could be any family. They could be your neighbors. When twelve-year old Jason looks in his neighbor’s window, he learns he’s not the only kid living in an abusive environment. What he learns will change his life forever. No One Knows is a short film that deals with the issue of child abuse, and was shot in entirely in the state of Oklahoma. Click to view Trailer.


Finders Keepers

Writer, Director, Editor

Lindsay seems to have it all: good looks, a good job, a good boyfriend, and a good... other boyfriend. As she attempts to balance them all, she begins to realize that not all that glitters is necessarily gold. Click to watch.


Bodhi Brew

Art Director, Illustrator

Caleb Brown started Handmade Tea in 2011 after becoming bored with existing loose leaf tea blends. He feels that quality tea is an art and it should be encased in equally beautiful artwork. Celebration teas are blends that mark a milestone or are particularly popular. The artists are given 100% artistic freedom, and artists will receive a write-up on the website. I designed the label for Handmade Tea's debut blend: Bodhi Brew. Click for Product Images.




Numbaland! is a suite of award-winning math games for young learners to develop strong number concepts. They wanted their website to maintain the playful, hand-drawn feel of their games, and appeal to young children as well as their parents.



Director, Director of Photography, Editor

It's 1980 in Prague, and all Marta wants is for her parents to stop fighting. Shot on 16mm. Created in collaboration with FAMU and Barrandov Studios-- Prague, Czech Republic. Click to watch!


Last August

Producer, Art Director

As global evacuation approaches, 15-year-old Jason clings desperately to the youthful freedom of summer in the American suburbs. But torn between family, friendship, romance, and the apocalypse, how will Jason's summer end? Click to view trailer.