Battleship Numberline!
Battleship Numberline! involves estimating the location of an enemy ship on a number line. This fun and simple game mechanic can be used to address multiple core standards, including those relating to integers, negative numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, operators, and measurement.
Angle Asteroids! involves shooting asteroids by estimating their positions on a polar coordinate grid (e.g., 270 degrees) or their time locations on a watch face (e.g., 15 minutes).
Black Basher!
Block Basher! is a number line game in which children must use quick estimation techniques to drop blocks on top of each other to make them explode. Watch out for that pesky stork!
Jellybeans! uses rapid feedback and scaffolding to help children confidently count and estimate small and large numbers of jellybeans, building a relationship between numbers and quantities of discrete objects.
Train Spotting!
Train Spotting! is a quick-counting game where children have to pay attention to a fast moving train and count the number of cars. It sounds easy, but the challenge increases quickly! Different versions enable children to learn important skip-counting techniques.

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